On Self-Love and the Necessity of Sleep

Yesterday was one of those days.  You know, one of the days when you get out of bed and you already hate the world.  Nothing bad happened (in fact, everything that occurred yesterday was good!) but I felt like I was about to burst into tears at any moment.  Why?  Simply because I didn’t get enough sleep.  All last week I burned the candle on both ends, staying up late working on school projects and getting up early for work.  Saturday night we were out until 1 AM at a (fantastically fun) Halloween party.  I rolled out of bed at 7 AM Sunday morning and was so tired I felt shaky.  I only made it through yesterday by drinking an excessive amount of caffeine.

What does this have to do with self love?  Everything.  I have a bad habit of overcomitting, because I think I can handle more than I actually can.  I keep thinking that I *should be able to do everything* and getting confused when I turn into a zombie, get sick, and have emotional meltdowns.  I keep thinking that I’m just not working hard enough, or efficiently enough, or that I’m not organized enough.  Or, that I waste too much time and that if I could just be productive every minute of the day I wouldn’t have any issues.  There is some truth to those thoughts, of course.  Sometimes I get lazy and don’t work very hard, sometimes I am disorganized, and sometimes I waste time.  But doesn’t everyone have those moments?  I am no more lazy, disorganized, or inefficient than anyone else.

Continually telling myself that it’s my fault I can’t get everything done doesn’t help anything.  It just perpetuates the cycle of taking on too much, getting stressed out, and blaming myself for a lackluster product.

Repeat after me: There is nothing that will contribute more to your emotional stability than a good night’s sleep.  Sleep is your stressed mind’s reset button, a chance for your worn out body to repair itself.  If you don’t sleep enough, little things will turn into gigantic issues that upset both you and those around you.  Your willpower will be lacking, and you might turn to junk food and drinks to get you through the day…which might in turn make you upset because you aren’t making healthful choices.  Small mistakes will seem like big failures, and you’ll doubt yourself on the bigger projects.

Repeat after me: There is nothing that will contribute more to your emotional stability then consistently getting a good night’s sleep.  It can’t just be done once a week, when you finally collapse because your IV of caffeine and adrenaline ran dry.

We have to love ourselves enough to give our bodies what we need, and what we need is sleep.  Yes, all the things we signed up for are important.  Our families need us, our job needs us, our school projects need us.  Don’t forget that you need you too.  I’m basically useless when I don’t get enough sleep.  I’m emotional, it takes me twice as long as it should to complete any task, and I can barely remember to feed myself, let alone take care of other people.

Repeat after me:
I am worth a good night’s sleep.
I love myself, and what my body needs is sleep, so that is what I will give it.
I am not hurting anyone by taking care of myself.  In fact, I will be able to give my best to other people because I am taking care of myself.

Now off to bed, all of you! 🙂

Discussion question: Do you sleep enough?  Why or why not?


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