Tofu Pot Pie Casserole – From Produce on Parade

For my very first recipe creation, I made something I’ve missed dearly since going vegan – pot pie!  Well, kindof pot pie.  This is no tiny frozen dinner with 1200 calories and more sodium than you should eat in a week.  It doesn’t contain any animal products, and you don’t have to worry about making pie crust of any kind.  So basically this is better than the pot pie I grew up on!

This recipe can be found at one of my favorite vegan food blogs, Produce on Parade.  I knew I was going to make this recipe the second I saw it, and I’m ever so glad I did.  It is delicious!!

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This is the potato and celery sauteing away.
Pro tip: make sure you chop the potato and celery small so that it actually has time to cook.  Also, use a much larger pot than I used.  I recommend using a pot with a very wide bottom, or even a large skillet.  Otherwise you will need to lengthen the sauteing time for the vegetables.  My potatoes turned out slightly crunchy, even after baking.

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The recipe calls for oil to saute the vegetables with.  I omitted the oil and instead used vegetable broth for less calories/fat (water would work here as well, although it would be slightly less flavorful).
Pro tip: you do not have to press the tofu here.  I am slightly afraid of tofu, and this is the first time I’ve used it in a recipe without pressing it first.  Trust me, you don’t need to waste time waiting for the tofu to press.  Simply drain it and dice.  You won’t notice the difference.

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This recipe makes one 13 x 9 casserole dish.  This is what it looks like before the final layer of phyllo dough goes on top.
Pro tip: you can use more than four sheets of phyllo dough on the bottom and middle layers, but don’t use more than four on the top.  Count them!  Otherwise they will get a little papery.  More is not better.  Follow the recipe!

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The phyllo dough gets wonderfully browned on top.
Pro tip: use cooking spray on the bottom of the casserole dish to prevent sticking.  The recipe calls for a drizzle of oil on the top of the dough before popping it in the oven.  I used a very light mist of cooking spray, and it browned up just fine.

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The final product was just fantastic.  It was also super filling.  I ate one serving five hours ago, and I’m still not hungry.

Proposed time to prepare: 55 minutes
Actual time to prepare: 1 hour (I chop vegetables pretty slowly, so as not to cut my fingers off)
-Prep Time: 5 minutes of initial chopping, then you prepare the rest of the ingredients while the potatoes and celery are sauteing.
-Cook Time: 30 minutes active cooking, 30 minutes in the oven.  The oven time is nice, as you can accomplish other things.  I did the dishes and even put on a load of laundry!

Easy to find ingredients: 10/10.  All of the ingredients were readily available in my local grocery store, and rather inexpensive, to boot.
Cooking techniques used: dice, saute, bake.

YUM factor: 9/10.  It was truly delicious and I’m just so glad that I can be vegan and still have pot pie.  I might add a bit more salt next time (I like things saltier than most) and I think it would be delicious with some fresh dill.

Link to recipe:

Is there a particular recipe from Produce on Parade you’d like me to try?  Let me know in the comments!

This recipe originally published on Produce On Parade.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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